For all of my thirty-year career as an industrial engineer working for Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, my most fond avocation was to write…at first starting with a short story, then public speeches delivered through my association with Toastmasters, and now my debut as a children’s book author.

I am so pleased to introduce my granddaughter Haley and share her precocious take on her days as a preschool student in my first children’s book: Daycare Advice from Haley.  You can buy a copy from this website.

My other writing passion and experience is related to advocacy (speaking on behalf of others).  I do this by writing letters to the editor, to elected officials, to agencies, and to friends.  I’ve been a hunger advocate for 35 years.  I ask others to write, too.

If you have a cause or issue you care about and want to do more, let me know.  I will develop a plan for you based on how much time you have each month and your resources.

I am also available for public speaking for anything from 5 minutes to a day’s retreat/ workshop.  I speak on a variety of topics as you will see on my speaking page and my Infinite Possibilities page.  I’ve led women’s spiritual retreats, workshops on leadership and more.  Contact me to discuss your plans.