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Profitable Processes Is Your Path to Excellence

At Profitable Processes we grew up in the corporate world  but offer our services to small and medium size businesses.

Our motto is to keep it simple, appropriate and true to our customers’ needs.

We don’t just focus on making processes more productive, we understand that customer experience is key to generating profit.

We also know that happy employees and efficient processes are essential for keeping customers satisfied.

In short, we don’t just talk about profitability; we build it, taking into account everyone involved in the processes that help a business succeed.

profitable processes

Boost productivity, delight customers, and achieve operational and service excellence.

So you looking to boost productivity, deliver top-quality outputs, and achieve operational excellence. At Profitable Processes, we specialise in helping businesses like yours to maximise efficiency and effectiveness. Our goal is to elevate your organisation to higher standards set by your customers.

Unleash unmatched productivity and excellence in every facet of your enterprise

We share our knowledge freely.

As a consulting firm, we believe it’s our duty to share valuable knowledge to make the world better.

On this website, you’ll find practical insights, tips, secrets, case studies, and other resources to help you achieve operational excellence and boost profitability in your organisation.

With decades of experience in operational excellence, continuous improvement, project management, and change management, we’re here to share our expertise and guide you in using emerging technologies in these areas.


We regularly upload new articles addressing process excellence matters of the day. Under the main menu heading “Operational Excellence”, we share our detailed approach and insights on this topic. 

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Distinguishing By Excellence

This is what makes us different.

  • Knowledge Beyond Consulting: With decades of hands-on experience, we generously share insights, secrets, and strategies to shape future leaders.
  • Pioneering Methods: Combining classic principles with cutting-edge technologies to create strategies that address today’s challenges.
  • Rich Repository of Wisdom: Explore our in-depth articles, case studies, and whitepapers on Operational Excellence to equip yourself with valuable knowledge.

Custom Solutions for Forward-Thinking Companies

We understand that every organisation is unique. Therefore, we customise our range of services to bring your vision of excellence to life.

Pietro Pazzi

Principal Consultant


B.Psych; MBA; Chartered Marketer (CM); Cert. LSS BB & MBB;

Meet Pietro Pazzi, the founder of Profitable Processes. With over two decades of leadership experience in both B2B and B2C sectors, Pietro has a proven track record of turning around underperforming companies and enhancing business profitability.

His expertise spans international corporations and SMEs, where he has led process improvements and change management strategies.

Pietro’s commitment to excellence and innovation has enabled businesses to navigate complex challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

He fosters a collaborative work environment, inspiring teams to excel and deliver exceptional results.

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Lead over 3,000 employees (see multinational leadership below)


Operational Excellence & Continuous Improvement (CI): BHP Billiton, Sanlam Financing, 3M, and Linde.


Trained over 1,300 CI project leaders (mostly BBs and MBBs) and CI leadership sponsors and teams.


Coached more than 260 CI professionals. Completed more than 340 improvement initiatives, resulting in a cumulative profit of over $260M


Mentored more than 70 executive leaders.


Facilitated over 40 senior leadership (including c-suite) workshops: Operational Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Operation Excellence.



  • Johnson Matthey (9y) – Sales and Marketing Manager; General Manager
  • 3M (5y) – Group Marketing Manager, Divisional General Manager, LSS BB
  • Linde (5y) – Global Head of Lean Six Sigma and Quality



  • Nubiz Consulting – Continuous Improvement
  • Profitable Processes Business Consulting

Profitable Processes Stand For


At Profitable Processes, we help businesses improve how they work to make more money. We use our knowledge and creative ideas to create solutions that fit each client’s needs.


  • Keep it simple. Offer clear and simple solutions without complexity.
  • Always focus on solutions driven by client needs.
  • Act with professionalism and integrity while being friendly and approachable.
  • Learn from both successes and mistakes, sharing what works and avoiding repeated errors.
  • Use our experience to create innovative solutions, valuing tried-and-true methods and avoiding unnecessary changes.


At Profitable Processes, our goal is to help businesses work more efficiently and effectively. We create custom solutions for each client by understanding their specific needs and goals.


  • Profitable Processes’ services are regularly updated to meet new client needs and trends while following best practices.
  • Effective processes are key to business success.
  • Every process can be made more efficient and effective.
  • Businesses must continually improve to stay competitive.
  • The focus is always on achieving the desired results.
  • Clear strategies, strong processes, proven methods, and ethical conduct greatly increase the chances of business success.

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