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Profitable Processes is about achieving business excellence through business process management and process performance improvement.

Following more than 25 years of experience in business process management and process improvement, AchieveProcessExcellence has developed, and continues to innovate, methods and practices that are centered around improving your business processes’ performance. This leads to you increasing your business competitiveness and thus your earnings potential.

AchieveProcessExcellence is motivated by enabling you to continuously and sustainably step up the performance of your processes’ effectiveness and efficiency. 

We offer you:

  • Generous sharing of process excellence information
  • Process excellence tools and techniques.
  • Expert assistance with process excellence strategic matters.

Pietro Pazzi

Chief Improver

Pietro Pazzi is the founder of Profitable Processes.

An executive with more than 35 years of business experience in B2B and B2C environments, I have lead local business units and held global corporate office positions. My expertise spans global leadership, quality and process improvement, general management, sales, marketing management, and change management.

Having succeeded as an entrepreneur, senior manager, and as a leader in the corporate environment, as well suited to lead the development and implementation of profit improvement initiatives as I am to turning-around business performance situations.

The combination of holding an MBA, being an accredited Chartered Marketer, and a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, endow me with competencies to develop, implement and sustain solutions that deliver on business objectives.

Profitable Processes Stand For


Profitable Processes is the leader in providing business process management and improvement solutions that lead to increased returns for its clients.


  • Provide clear and appropriate solutions, devoid of any complexity.
  • Solutions are always client-driven.
  • While conducting ourselves professionally with integrity, we include a friendly personal touch.
  • Profitable Processes learn from both mistakes and successes, never to repeat mistakes and always to share successful practices.
  • Profitable Processes build on our experience, develop innovative solutions while valuing the proven – no need to waste time on reinventing the wheel.


Profitable Processes provide our clients with the “right” business process management and process improvement solutions that lead to their increased effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Profitable Processes’ offerings keep pace with emerging client needs and trends while remaining true to best practices.
  • Processes are the backbone of achieving business excellence.
  • Every process has an inherent potential for efficiency and effectiveness improvement.
  • No business can afford complacency, to remain competitive, renewal is essential.
  • Focus is fixed on the outcome to be attained.
  • With clear strategies, robust processes, proven work practices, and ethics, the business success probability is significantly increased.

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