Basic Process Improvement

This is an Introduction to a series of follow on articles dealing with Basic Process Improvement implementation

Basics process improvement

Basic process improvement is a set of basic problem-solving tools set out in a logical structure designed to be used at all levels and by all with an organization.

This is the introduction article to 5 follow-up articles on an approach to implement basic process improvement in your business.

Basic problem solving is your first step towards increased profits through improving your process performance.

Basic Process Improvement (BPI) is the simple yet extremely powerful essentials of process performance improvement. It strips all the bells and whistles of so many improvement methods to leave the essentials, accessible to all, and that makes a real difference.

These articles are designed to provide you with a framework with which to deploy BPI.

The 5 articles are divided into 3 sections.

The first section explores what BPI is and how to plan and structure it for a successful implementation.

The second section provides more details on the various teams, and their roles, in the Multi-Tiered Team deployment approach, which has been proven to be most successful.

The final section provides simple yet powerful tools for the team to use that will help them identify and plan the successful execution of improvement opportunities while reporting progress … and that with no additional effort!

What is basic process improvement?

Basic Process Improvement (BPI) is a simple problem-solving approach accessible to all in an organization.

It is best used as a team approach and allows for more effective and efficient solving of daily problems. It is not necessarily about doing projects, it is about creating capacity through better problem resolution.

Who is Basic process improvement Aimed at?

For employees at all levels within an organization, from „Leadership“ to „shop floor“. It is equally adept for use in manufacturing / Operational as in Services / transactional environments.

How does BASIC PROCESS IMPROVEMENT fit with other improvement methods?

Basic Process Improvement has taken basic elements from Lean, Six Sigma, and TQM to create a simple problem-solving approach that aids the embedding of a continuous improvement culture. Basic Process Improvement practitioners, those trained and utilizing Basic Process Improvement, are often referred to as Yellow Belts (YB).


  • It establishes a common approach and language for everyday problem solving
  • It is designed for situations that don’t require the effort of a sophisticated improvement project
  • It brings more confidence and credibility as problems are solved on a sustainable basis
  • It frees up business capacity as problems are dealt with swiftly at level where it occurs
  • It reduced „noise“ as true root causes are addressed

Common Approach & Tool set for Solving Problems

Basic Process Improvement consists of a hand full of simple problem-solving tools and techniques that do not require any form of technology.

The „A3“, widely used in Lean companies, forms the backbone of BPI. The one-page „A3″ is the working document and the reporting document, all in one.

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