Implementing A Winning Continuous Improvement Program

Most of the continuous improvement program success secrets described in this series of articles are not rocket science but are rarely revealed by industry experts. Now they are yours for the taking. They offer a powerful and proven approach that has brought countless organizations much success.

continuous improvement program

In this series, we will explore these secrets and provide practical solutions to help you achieve better and sustained results with your continuous improvement endeavours. The success secrets are contained in five key areas, which dovetail with our series:

1. Readying Your Organization

  • Success Stories
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Strategic Intent
  • Methodology selection
  • Piloting Continuous Improvement Program
  • Communication

2. Implementation Structure and Project Selection

  • Continuous Improvement Program Organogram
  • Improvement Project Leader Selection
  • Project Selection
  • Project Chartering

3. Knowledge Transfer, Leadership Coaching and Improvement/Innovation Reviews

  • Training
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Project Reviews

4. Implementation and Improvement Activity Tracking

5. Replication and Maintaining Momentum

  • Replication
  • Change Management
  • Maintaining Momentum

Each week for the next 5 weeks we will explore the five secrets is turn them in much more detail.

Be sure to stay posted.

Click here for the first article in this series Getting Your Business Ready For Continuous Improvement

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