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Prioritisation Decision Tools

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Adopting the Goal Tree with the MECE principle (Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive) can be a remarkably effective strategy for identifying and addressing business issues or opportunities. Let’s explore how this can be approached.

This workbook includes:

  1. A Goal Tree Template.
  2. Thought starters for Growth, Profitability, Operations and Services exercise.

In the fast-paced business environment, choosing the right opportunity or issue to pursue is crucial for sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Our Prioritisation Matrix is a powerful tool designed to streamline your decision-making process.

In the dynamic world of business, making informed decisions is crucial. But how do you sift through myriad opportunities to find the golden nugget? Our new Real Win Worth Prioritisation Tool is here to revolutionize how you assess and prioritize business ideas!

Financial Decision Tools

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The Percent Rule Sensitivity Analysis is an investigative tool that delves into the various determinants of profitability. It scrutinizes:

  1. Sales Value changes
  2. Cost of Goods Sold variations
  3. Operational Expenditure changes
  4. Selling Price changes
  5. Incentive adjustments, like Rebates and Discounts

The “Cost of Payment Incentives” tool is designed to assist businesses in understanding the financial impact of various payment terms and incentives. It calculates the true cost to the company based on different scenarios, aiding in making informed financial decisions.

In the realm of business, the longevity of customer relationships often eclipses the allure of single transactions. But how do you quantify the true worth of customer loyalty? That’s where our Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Model steps in, turning abstract retention rates into concrete figures that speak volumes about your business’s future.

Every business leader knows the pivotal moment of truth in any venture: the break-even point. That critical juncture where costs and revenue align, and profit begins. But how do you calculate it without getting entangled in a web of figures? Introducing our intuitive Break-Even Analysis Tool, a navigator through the financial fog, steering you towards informed decision-making.

Are you struggling to make informed decisions on one-off orders or export opportunities? Marginal costing plays a crucial role when you have spare capacity or inventory and receive an order at a lower price than usual, especially for exports. This approach helps in avoiding cannibalization of your regular sales.

Are you looking to quantify the real benefits of your strategic decisions? Our ‘True Benefit Calculator’ is the tool you need to make sense of percentage inventory shifts and their impact on your bottom line.

Navigating the balance between sales volume and profitability can be challenging. That’s why we’ve developed a cutting-edge tool that empowers you to find that sweet spot where profits peak before excess costs kick in.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the ‘Make or Buy’ decision is more complex than ever. Whether to keep operations in-house or to outsource can pivot the financial fulcrum of your business.

In the dynamic world of business, every product line counts. But what happens when a line underperforms or no longer fits your vision?

Why is the Payback Period Crucial? The payback period is the time it takes for an investment to generate an inflow of cash to recover the initial outlay. In business, it’s a pivotal metric for assessing risk and return. Understanding the payback period can help you make informed, strategic decisions about where and how to invest your resources.

Why is this tool a game-changer? In the dynamic world of business, making informed investment decisions is crucial. Our NPV Calculator simplifies complex financial calculations, giving you a clear picture of the potential profitability of your investments. It’s not just a tool; it’s your strategic ally in financial decision-making!

Understanding the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is crucial for any investor or financial professional. It’s the key to unlocking the potential of your investments and making informed decisions.

Are you struggling to make informed business decisions? Our latest Excel tool is your key to clarity! Designed with precision, the “Business Case Calc” helps you navigate through the complexities of financial analysis.

In the dynamic world of business, understanding the risks associated with your portfolio of products, customers, and markets is more important than ever. Our Portfolio Risk Assessment Tool makes this complex task straightforward and insightful.

Are you truly maximizing the value of your business? Go beyond traditional financial statements and unlock deeper insights with our Economic Profit Calculator.

In the sea of data that finance professionals navigate daily, clarity and precision are paramount. That’s why we’ve developed a tool that turns raw numbers into strategic insights – our Financial Statement Analysis Tool.

Strategy & Growth Decision Tools

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Are you looking to gain a clearer understanding of your business or project’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? Our newly developed SWOT Analysis Excel tool is designed to guide you through this essential strategic planning process efficiently and effectively.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, understanding the dynamics of your industry and external environment is crucial. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest Excel-based tool, designed to empower your strategic planning with comprehensive Industry Forces and PESTE analysis.

In today’s business landscape, understanding your product’s position in the market is pivotal for sustained growth and profitability. We are excited to share a comprehensive BCG Matrix Excel Tool that simplifies this complex analysis for you!

Comprehensive Competitor Overview: Understand the top players in your industry with a detailed breakdown of their market share, growth rates, and core business strategies. Value Creation Analysis: Compare how your company, Linatex, and its top three competitors stack up against various customer expectations. This section, weighted for importance, offers a clear view of where you stand in the market. Product and Pricing Comparison: Make informed decisions with a side-by-side comparison of comparable products sold by Linatex and its three main competitors, complete with pricing details.

In the ever-evolving market landscape, the key to sustaining growth lies in strategic portfolio analysis. Our newly developed “Attractiveness & Competitiveness Excel Tool” is engineered to guide you through this complex process with ease.

Navigating the complexities of market segments and distribution channels can be challenging. That’s why we’ve created a tool that makes it easier for you. Our ‘Markets and Channels Analysis Tool’ is your go-to resource for gaining insights and making informed decisions.

The “Pricing Strategy” workbook is a user-friendly Excel tool designed to assist businesses in developing an effective pricing strategy. It is structured as a concise, 5-step guide with the following key sections: Pricing Objective: Helps set clear pricing goals tailored to your business needs. Customer Analysis: Assists in understanding customer perceptions and their impact on pricing. Competitor Analysis: Offers insights into competitors’ pricing and your relative position. Product Differentiation: Identifies unique product features and their pricing implications. Cost Analysis: Focuses on understanding all cost elements to ensure profitable pricing.

Execution Tools

FMEA Sheet: Dive into a detailed Failure Mode Effects Analysis framework. This tool helps you systematically identify potential failure points in your processes, products, or systems, understand their causes, and evaluate the consequences.

Risk Assessment Sheet: Not all risks are created equal. Our Risk Assessment tool allows you to score and prioritize risks based on severity, likelihood, and detection, enabling you to allocate your resources where they’re needed most.

Generally, a project charter is a critical document in project management. It provides a formal outline of the project’s objectives, scope, responsibilities, and authority.

This tool includes:

  • A detailed RACI Matrix to clarify roles and responsibilities.
  • An in-depth Stakeholder Analysis sheet to map out and understand the dynamics of your stakeholders.
  • An Engagement Plan template to strategize and track your communication with each stakeholder.


Why download this tool?

  • Streamline Project Management: Clearly define who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed for each task.
  • Enhance Stakeholder Engagement: Identify, analyze, and plan your interactions with stakeholders effectively.
  • Save Time & Effort: With structured templates, you can focus more on execution and less on planning from scratch.

It provides a visual timeline for project activities, enabling managers and team members to easily understand project schedules, dependencies, and progress. The real value of a Gantt chart lies in its ability to offer a clear overview of the project’s timeline and the sequence of tasks, which helps in efficient resource allocation and deadline management. It aids in identifying critical paths, potential bottlenecks, and overlaps in activities, allowing for proactive adjustments and better risk management.

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