Innovating With TRIZ Power

TRIZ is an acronym for the Russian “Teoriya Resheniya Izobretatelskikh Zadatch”, which translates to “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.” Developed by Genrich Altshuller in the 1940s, TRIZ is a systematic methodology designed to solve engineering and innovation challenges by analysing and eliminating contradictions in the design and development process. TRIZ offers tools and techniques to generate innovative solutions through its structured approach, drawing from patterns identified in many patented inventions. It’s essentially a clever method of “not reinventing the wheel” by applying proven solutions from other areas to your specific problem.


TRIZ: Your Innovation Compass

TRIZ is more than a mere methodology; it’s a compass for navigating the rough seas of problem-solving towards the tranquil shores of innovation. It holds within its fold a set of principles, tools, and methods orchestrated not just to resolve problems but to transcend standard solutions, reaching the pinnacle of innovation.

1. Identifying and Eliminating Contradictions:

  • TRIZ thrives on contradictions. It nudges you to identify and eliminate them, paving the way for a superior solution. For instance, a pharmaceutical company grappling with enhancing the efficacy of a drug while reducing side effects employed TRIZ to unveil a novel formulation, striking a delicate balance between efficacy and safety.

2. Principles of Innovation:

  • With its 40 inventive principles, TRIZ is akin to having a seasoned mentor guiding you through the labyrinth of innovation. For example, the principle of segmentation was leveraged by a food processing firm to modularise its production process, significantly ramping up efficiency and adaptability.

3. Ideal Final Result (IFR):

  • TRIZ propels you to envision the Ideal Final Result, acting as a north star guiding every step of your problem-solving voyage. By envisaging an engine with optimal fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, an automotive company eventually employed TRIZ to craft a groundbreaking hybrid engine.

TRIZ and Lean Six Sigma: An Exquisite Partnership

Marrying the structured, data-driven approach of Lean Six Sigma with the inventive essence of TRIZ creates a formidable force in operational excellence and innovation. TRIZ infuses a breath of creative, fresh air into the rigid statistical analysis, while Lean Six Sigma provides a solid foundation of process improvement upon which TRIZ can flourish.

Bridging the Gap: From Problems to Innovations

The journey from confronting a problem to crafting a stellar innovation isn’t a solitary endeavour in modern business. It’s a collaborative odyssey. TRIZ acts as a bridge, connecting existing problems with the domain of potent innovations waiting to be discovered.

Embark on the TRIZ Journey: Your Innovation Odyssey Awaits

The quintessence of TRIZ is embarking on an odyssey from the known to the unexplored, from mundane solutions to groundbreaking innovations. At, we are your trusted companions in this exhilarating journey. Our expertise, armed with a profound understanding of TRIZ and many other operational excellence methodologies, is poised to guide you through your innovation odyssey.