Operational Excellence Challenges

Operational excellence challenges

Operational excellence challenges offer solutions to managing and overcoming operational excellence implementation challenges currently being experienced by organizations.

BTOES report on Operational Excellence Challenges

BTOES.com just released their latest operational excellence report: The Global State of Operational Excellence: Critical Challenges and Future Trends.

The BTOES survey contains some interesting results of which the answers to the question “What are the most critical challenges facing your OpEx program?” are striking. It is interesting from the standpoint that since we have been involved with Process and Process Excellence, over 15 years now, the same top challenges keep emerging. The order may differ but essentially the same challenges keep plaguing operational excellence implementation programs. 

We have the solutions to common Operational Excellence Programs

“So why then, if the callings are not new, do they keep recurring?” Is it due to change management approaches? Or is it how the program focus areas are selected? Or perhaps the program KPIs are poorly managed. It could be a combination of these or other issues.

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