Challenges Faced By Process Excellence Leaders

process excellence leaders

The challenges of process excellence leaders are not a new topic with new research emerging every year to restate what is already known. Why then are prices excellence leaders not getting it right? Too much ‘noise’ leads to a lack of focus on the basics!

An organization’s goal is to create value for its customers, stakeholders, and itself. Read more on our page Customer Value vs Cost of Quality and our home page for more insights.

Process Excellence Leaders’ Objectives

Entrusted with the company’s resources the challenges of process excellence Leaders (these are leaders at all levels of the excellence effort) to achieve the following excellence objectives are huge:

  1. Build capacity,
  2. Increase productivity,
  3. Increase agilty,
  4. Deepen problem solving capability,
  5. and ensure gains are sustainable and visible on the bottom line.

Process Excellence Leaders’ Main Challenges

Typically three ills hinder an organization’s ability to achieve its excellent objectives. These include:

  1. Inefficiencies.
  2. Addressing the wrong levers through poor analyses or understanding of the real issue. Read our article Key Process Levers
  3. Insufficiently addressing levers through resource issues or rushing a project. Read our article Key Process Levers

OvercomingProcess Excellence Leaders’ Challenges

To overcome the challenges of process excellence leaders and achieve the above objectives, process excellence leaders should focus their efforts on the following key tasks: 

  1. Identifying opportunities that have maximum excellence improvement impact. See our article Opportunity Selection
  2. Ensuring the most efficient and appropriate methods are applied to bring about solutions that “stick” fastest.
  3. Driving the execution of these improvement opportunities.
  4. Going beyond the opportunity at hand by replicating success across the organization.

To aid in overcoming the challenges of process excellence leaders an appropriate excellence structure should be established, a governing mechanism in place, and a track and review system used by all.

This article has been a follow on from Process Excellence Leadership in 2018

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