Process Excellence Leadership

process Excellence Leadership

Process excellence leadership in 2022. Effective leaders typically invest a fair amount of time and effort in developing strategies to maximize opportunities or counter threats in the business environment. 

This implies that a realistic view of external factors and internal variables is essential. But how often is this indeed the case? How many companies really make decisions based on good information? How many do so based on what worked in the past but may no longer be valid in today’s dynamically changing and agile business environment?

Do not get me wrong, gut feel has its place and is exponentially powerful when based on good information. Here again, companies tend to invest a great deal in getting a fix on their external environment but often lack a clear view on how their own process, the very processes that drive the business, are performing.

For leaders to deliver sustained success, the bottom line is to know what levers to pull in the business that most efficiently and effectively interacts with the environment. These levers all lie within core processes and are the leader’s most powerful tool in sustaining agile competitiveness.

2 Important Principals of Process Excellence Leadership

The first principle for leaders is to know their own business. Not to just know the high-level performance dashboard, but the levers to pull in order to counter specific threats or take quick advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Process excellence Leadership in 2018 need to be comfortable with prioritizing and making trade-off decisions. Taking care not to underutilize or overburden the capacity and resources of the business.

In order to work those levers, not only is real-time process metrics required, but a highly evolved internal network to effect changes at the very moment a leader pulls a lever. This is the art of leadership.

Thus the second principle is to have clear lines of communication in place to ensure fast action is taken in processes.

“Getting the above right ensures that the right things are done right.”

This article, Process Excellence Leadership in 2018,  is the first in a series that explores the type of leadership, and related competencies, required to achieve excellence.

Ours follows the article Challenges of Process Excellence Leaders

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