Process Improvement Governance

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Process improvement governance

Process improvement governance, right from the basic level, ensures that improvement efforts stick and filter down to the bottom line.

See It – Show It – Share it

Process Improvement Governance Requirement #1:
Create A Space

Teams should be allocated a space, at the place of work, that can be dedicated to BPI sessions and work undertaken on improvement opportunities.

This space should have basic facilities, e.g. table, chairs, whiteboard/flipchart, and notice board/pinboard.

This space should have basic facilities, e.g. table, chairs, whiteboard/flipchart, and notice board / pinboard.

Process Improvement Governance Requirement #2:
Team Names and Mission

The team should give themselves motivational names and develop their team mission. These should be displayed in their BPI space.

Process Improvement Governance Requirement #3:
Show and Share What Is Being Done

In these work areas, up-to-date information should be displayed for all to see. This should include:

  • Focus Charts
  • Opportunity Board
  • Active A3s
  • Action Planner

Process Improvement Governance Requirement #4:
The “A3”

During the BPI training, an A3 template is provided. This can be used as-is, however, it is recommended that Yellow Belts and teams simply use an A3 sheet of blank paper and

sketch an A3 that is particular to their needs. Naturally, they should stick to the BPI problem-solving steps.

The A3 can take any form as can be seen from the examples to the right.

The A3 contains all in one.

The A3 is both the team working document and its progress report.

A3s should be displayed on the notice board in the team space. It should guide the team’s activities on the project while showing others what is being done.

The A3 should be presented to management to show progress and finally, when the project is completed it is used to report its outcome.

A3s, of successful improvements, should be scanned and distributed to promote replication within and across sites, plants/offices etc.

The next article explores the three basic governance charts – Focus Chart, Opportunity Board, and Action Planner.

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