Total Quality Excellence

total quality excellence

A Total Quality Excellence system provides evidence that a specific standard of quality has been met and continuously approved.

total quality excellence

Customer Driven Total Quality Excellence

total quality excellence steps

Quality Excellence starts with focusing the organization’s efforts on what the customer is willing to pay for.

To do this effectively the organization needs to know what is critical to the customer. Then it needs to ensure we are capable of delivering the quality that is important to the customer. And when performance falls short, to effectively improve the processes until capability is achieved.

Once achieved, the organization then solidifies standards. It becomes everyone’s responsibility to adhere to these to ensure a positive customer experience.

  • ASK –  this step is about truly knowing what is critical-to-customer. —„Do we really know the customer’s true requirements?“ 
  • ACHIEVE –  this step is about knowing our capability to meet the customer’s requirements and effectively improve our performance where we fall short. —„Do we properly measure what we do? Are we capable of achieving what is critical-to-customer?”


  •  ASSURE – this step is about knowing our work standards and adhering to them to ensure consistency and sustainability. —„Do the right practices stick and become the way we work?“

Total Quality Excellence Assurance

Quality Assurance requires the active participation of all employees in the organization.

Quality Assurance is Process-orientated and focuses on defect prevention.

Quality Assurance includes:

  • Internal audits and management review.
  • Review of actions taken on non-conformities identified during the previous audit.
  • Develop, recommend and monitor complaints, corrective and preventive actions.
  • Evaluate audit findings and implement appropriate corrective actions.
  • Effectiveness of the management system with regard to achievement of objectives.
  • Continuing operational control.
  • Analyse data to identify areas for improvement in the quality system.
  • Quality assurance procedures.
  • Supplier audits.
  • Identify training needs and develop training programs to meet quality standards.

Total Quality Excellence Control

Quality Control is undertaken by specific teams and individuals within the organization.

Quality Control is Product/Service-orientated and focuses on defect identification.

Quality Control includes:

  • Quality control procedures.
  • Product / Service inspection and testing methods and procedures.
  • In-process, raw material and finished goods testing.
  • Sampling procedures and processes for recording and reporting quality data.
  • Collect and compile statistical quality charts.
  • Displaying and reporting test findings.
  • Evaluate test findings and implement appropriate corrective actions.
  • Incident alerts and management.

Total quality excellence is thus an all-inclusive system encompassing Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Improvement, and Quality Infrastructure and systems.

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