Winning With Lean Six Sigma

Winning with Lean Six Sigma: Let me walk you through the top five key WINS that you will gain from employing the Lean Six Sigma approach.

You may be asking “what value does Lean Six Sigma bring?” Lean Six Sigma has much to offer in today’s highly competitive business environment. Read on.


Winning With Lean Six Sigma #1:Sustained Quality & Efficiency Increases

Quality is defined by the customer and efficiency by the business. When appropriate quality is maintained with ever more efficient processes, value is maximized for all stakeholders.

Lean Six Sigma is about ensuring customer-defined product and services requirements are met while process productivity is maximized, that is cost per product or service is reduced.

With best-practice change management techniques and the strong control phase of Lean Six Sigma, gains are a sustained and continuous improvement. 

Winning With Lean Six Sigma #2:Confidently Resolve All Types of Problems

… once and for all. Almost all problems encountered are process orientated and these vary in degree of complexity. From simple “just do” quick resolution problems, to highly complex problems containing hundreds of variables that influence performance.

Lean Six Sigma offers a proven set of methods and tools and always finds the best-fit approach for a particular situation that minimizes effort while maximizing the result.

Winning With Lean Six Sigma #3:Increase Agility and Flexibility while Reducing Risk

Risk is reduced when the key factors and variables that make a difference in your business performance is understood. When these key levers are optimized, a process becomes more resistant to impacts from external uncertainties and surprizes

At the same time, process speed and agility are fast becoming the number one competitive advantage of any company. Lean Six Sigma is effective at managing risk while increasing the decision making speed and process agility

Winning With Lean Six Sigma #4:Build a Culture of Proactive Performance Improvers

Employees that are equipped with the appropriate tools to solve problems, are empowered to do so and are engaged in the process of improving business performance, taking the right actions to drive improvements, and “think out the box”.

Individuals at the point where a problem or opportunity originates, act speedily to maximize the window of opportunity and at the same time continuously simplify the way things get done. Lean Six Sigma offers the ideal approach to establish such a culture of proactive improvement.

Winning With Lean Six Sigma #5:Achieve Bottom Line Results … That Stick!

While this statement is often noted as the first benefit, here it is highlighted last as it is an automatic result of the four previous benefits. The hard benefits of a Lean Six Sigma project are measured for 12 months to ensure it has stuck.

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